New Port Richey Florida Shopping

The Holiday Mall is on the verge of securing a new lease after selling the property to the Port Richey Shopping Centre owner, the Mishorim Group. With the partnership's decision to buy the 22nd property, it will be the first new shopping centre in Port Richey in more than 20 years.

Starting with the current owners in 2004, they demanded K $100,000, which included K $1.5 million in property taxes and K $2,500 in interest. Also included in the sale were the building's injection molds worth $112,500 and the property's parking lot.

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The store is located at the intersection of Gulf Coast Highway and Port Richey Road in Port Richey, Florida. Every day, more than 71,000 cars pass through the store, also known as the Gulf Coast Highway, on their way to and from Florida State University.

More than 140,000 people live in the area and the population is projected to increase by 5 percent by 2023. In addition, Pasco County is investing its own money in an area along the US-19 corridor that was once an economic engine for the area. A ribbon will be cut on the Anclote Coastal Trail, which will connect downtown Tarpon Springs with the holiday. In addition, the county is the site of a $1.5 million investment by the Florida Department of Economic Development.

A cinema will soon open, with bicycle rooms and children's playgrounds. Other improvements in the area will bolster Gold's efforts at the Holiday Mall, including a few million dollars the county is spending on redeveloping the parking lot and garage in front of the mall. MGold is also spending $110 million to transform the Grove at Wesley Chapel into a $1.5 million, 1,000-seat, multi-level, mixed-use building.

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Many shops offer a limited selection of party goods, but Party City in Port Richey specializes in party supplies.

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More About New Port Richey

More About New Port Richey