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The Man in Black will be forever remembered as a legendary country musician who died on Friday at the age of 71. Singer Johnny Cash hails from Port Richey, where he lived with his wife and three children for more than 50 years.

Little said he met Cash in 1962 when they bought a house in Port Richey, and they bought it in the early 1960s with his wife and their three children.

The home is in a community that Consumer Reports identified in 1961 as one of the ten most expensive residential areas in the United States. Family members bring Cash back to Port Richey, where his great-grandfather, singer-songwriter John Singing Cash, owned a riverfront home on Sunset Boulevard.

In the northern Pinellas area there have been several musical events over the years, but lately it seems to be more the latter. Today it is a small coastal town that fits into a solid urbanized strip that runs along Sunset Boulevard, the main thoroughfare of Port Richey and the heart of its business district.

The New Port Richey area has medium-priced hotels, and many of them have lounges and bars with entertainment options. For music, the space is built around a TouchTones jukebox, which is embedded in the back wall, with about ten stools at the bar. Bar visitors can play darts, buzztime, poker, quizzes, watch sports and karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights for budding artists. If you like to listen to live music or just have a good night out in the city, the new PortRicheY has a club that suits your interests.

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Sawgrass features a kava bar serving traditional South Pacific drinks, and the Beach Boys tribute band will play "Get Around, Surfin 'and Helping Rhonda." Live music at Port Richey Beach Club with open microphone and live performance.

Staff will discuss the early Indian tribes that inhabited the area, how and why salt is made, and take guests on a tour of the local salt mines and salt processing plants. The Music Hall in Verona is operated in conjunction with Ursittis Music Studio, so that local musicians can benefit from his extensive knowledge of the industry to further promote our local music scene. Matthew Gurnsey and The Kilted Man play a selection of Celtic music and traditions. Listen to a variety of instruments, including drums, guitar, bass, piano, cello, harmonica and more, while singing along to the melodies of Scottish and Irish folk songs.

Young Voices of New Port Richey will be meeting for their first concert on Saturday, September 9, at Newport Music Hall in Verona. Young Voices kicked off its premiere season in September this year, and Cash's son John Carter Cash will join the small family for a performance of his father's songs.

According to my research, New Port Richey, Florida is the place to enjoy the best music and entertainment in the state of Florida and across the country. I found a bungalow by a crystal clear freshwater river, a short boat ride from the Gulf of Mexico, and found it to be one of the good values that this country has to offer. Pasco County Sheriff John Short was among the fans who witnessed the "Mr. and Mrs. Little" singer's performance. Cash parted with the city in May 2002 when he and his wife sold to Dean Rudder and Jennifer Zulian, but he decided it was time to retire.

The house itself is quite comfortable, but it is not as spacious as some of the other bungalows in New Port Richey, Florida, as the one pictured above.

The event included a free children's pass program that offered free tickets for children under 12 and free admission to the concert.

From 5 to 7 p.m. there was dinner and live music at 6 p.m., followed by the concert at 7: 30 p.m., with free admission for children under 12 years.

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