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New Port Richey City Council is expected to consider plans to build two new hotels, one in the city centre and the other on the outskirts of the city, after an enthusiastic meeting of NewPort R Micheyites. The new hotel will be known as the Hacienda and, according to current plans, will have rooms and bathrooms for up to 100 guests. This structure will not only be the most modern under construction, but also of Moorish or Spanish type, with a mixture of modern and traditional elements and modern amenities.

The article reported that the hotel has been run by Major H. Stanford for several years. The building was built by Burns & Becker, a company based outside the city, through the New Port Richey hotel association.

Although the Hacienda survived the Depression, the New Port Richey Press reported in 1935 that Community Hotel Inc. sold its shares to Robert Holmes Sr., who had previously operated hotels in Douglas, Ga., and Tampa, Fla. In 1951 Schuldt sold the hotel to Phillip Merkatz, who ran the Royal Inn in Woodbourne, New York, a few years later, and to the couple. Morris Gates, who ran the Delaware Towers in Chicago. Dr Watson's son recalled in the invoice that his father had bought several hotels, one of which he thought might have been the Florida Bible College, which was in the "haciendas." After the couple failed to make the mortgage payments, a lawsuit was filed to foreclose on the hotels.

In May 2006, it was reported that Gulf Coast Jewish Family Services would vacate the site on June 1, and the New Port Richey Press in May 2007.

The Manns said the city plans to inform long-term residents and help them relocate. Mr Semple told the press he would welcome suggestions from residents of New Port Richey about what could be done about facilities for such a facility, including a dining room and cocktail bar. More than $35,000 has yet to be raised to reach a total of $100,000, but that has yet to be heard. The total subscriptions to date are a clear example of the rigour of the local money markets, and the fact that NewPort R Michey has recognised the need for a hotel like the one being considered is illustrated by the number of subscriptions to date.

In December 2015, it was agreed to commission Sarasota - based in D.L. Porter Construction - to carry out renovations. An interim board has been elected to obtain the necessary permits to operate a hotel such as the one proposed for New Port Richey, and to elect and elect board members.

On March 5, 1926, the New Port Richey Press and Civitans launched a campaign to raise $100,000 to $250,000 for the hotel. A local newspaper shows that Community Hotel, Inc. approved the plan in June 1926, hoping it would help lure other Hollywood celebrities to the city.

On July 23, 1926, the Tarpon Springs leader reported, "The New Thought - Hotel is not a dream, but steps are being taken to prove that this dream is becoming a reality. It was also reported that Gray Holmes had run a first-class hotel in Douglas, Georgia, in recent years, and that Robert Holmes Jr. had recently run the DeSota Hotel near Tampa. On November 1, 1935, New Port Richey Press reported that "Hacienda Hotel Company, Inc., of Tampa, Florida, recently took over the operation of the Haciendas and is expected to open on November 15.

On 12 August 1926, the St. Petersburg Evening Standard reported: "Yesterday the foundation stone was laid for the New Port Richey Community Hotel. On March 26, 1959, New Port R Michey Press reported that "Roy Benedict of Tampa, Florida, and his wife Mary have recently become the new owners and managers of the Hacienda Hotel." On 28 May 1964, she announced: "It was announced that Roy Benedict's duties include overseeing all operational departments.

On December 9, 1926, the Tampa Morning Tribune reported that the Hacienda was financed with local capital and that there were more than 50 shareholders. On January 25, 1938, New Port Richey Press reported: "Thirty-three guests signed up in the large travel section that announced the opening of the new hotel at the end of January 1939, at a cost of $5,000. On November 14, 1944, it was reported: "The Hicienda Hotel was sold the week before to the Rev. John R. Stromson of St. Petersburg and his wife Maxine Supic, formerly of Milwaukee." On September 25, 1955, the hotel was sold by Francis Supics (formerly Milwaukee) to Mrs. Maxine Stromason and reopened as Newport R Michey Community Hotel under the name "New Port r Michey Hotel."

In the following years, the hotel never recorded the number of guests as in previous years. However, in the 1960s the area began to grow again, and today the charming city centre and beautiful beach attract many visitors.

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