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From the late 1960s, western Pasco County began to grow as the population of New Port Richey grew beyond the small area that makes up the city. It quickly grew into a city of its own and is now considered part of the New Portland neighborhood.

In Florida, more than 91% of communities have a crime rate of at least one property crime per 1,000 residents. In New Port Richey, the probability of falling victim to property crime is one in 27, which is 37 per thousand inhabitants.

That is roughly the same as the Florida average, but well below the national average. Violent crime per 1,000 residents in New Port Richey is higher than the Florida average, and the highest of any state with a population of more than 1.5 million. That is well above the federal average, but below the average for all of Florida and most other states in the country.

In New Port Richey, Florida, we found that 40% of historic tornado events were recorded with magnitude 2 or higher. In New Port, Florida, historic earthquake events of magnitude 3.5 and higher with magnitude 1.7 or higher have been recorded. Between 1950 and 2010, extreme weather events such as tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and other extreme weather events were recorded.

The new Port Richey has slowly recovered, which was reinforced by the construction of a new post office at the beginning of the 20th century and the development of the city's first public school system. The name "Port R Michey" is the oldest name for New Port Dade County, Florida, with post offices established in 1884 and 1915, respectively. A survey in 1886 for the harbor area had no place name, and in 1890 a post office was established at the intersection of North Main Street and South Main Avenue.

In 1995, New Port Richey became home to Florida's first public school system, the Florida Department of Public Schools.

In 1972 Pasco-Hernando State College began offering courses in New Port Richey and completed the construction of a campus in 1976. Further south, it is one of the earliest settlements in the state of Florida and has a long history as a tourist destination and an important business center. The history of commercial real estate dates back before this wonderful city was even known as "New Port Gorman" or even as the city of Port St. Lucie, Florida, but it was home to a number of other businesses such as grocery stores, hotels, restaurants and even a grocery store.

The New Port Richey Roofing Pros was a company that worked on all kinds of roof systems that were associated with companies in New Port R Michey. At the time, city officials at Builtry, Inc. were responsible for building many buildings in the city as well as a number of other buildings.

The Trulieve New Port Richey Pharmacy is located at HWY 19 in Pasco County and the Florist Flowers Florist Today, a local family business is located in Newport R. Michey, Florida, at the corner of East Main Street and West Pinellas Avenue. The Port Richeys Police Department is currently located downtown, south of the intersection of West Main St. and East Pinello Ave.

Built in the 1920s, it was to become a hotspot for Hollywood stars, and the site was named Port Richey. The house was built at the corner of West Main Street and East Pinello Ave. Houses have also been built in New Portland in the past, and some of these homes were built on the same property as the original Newport R. Michey Police Department building.

New Port Richey borders the Gulf of Mexico to the west and has a city where it is frowned upon to shoot in your backyard, even if you have lots of squirrels. Turn off US 19 on Main Street and enjoy views of New Portland and Big Bend and the Florida Keys. From the spot where the natural coast meets the sunny coast at the foot of Florida's Big Bend, the new R Michey Harbor is about 3 miles away.

New Port Richey has a long history of celebrities, from Walt Disney to Wendell Wilkes to John Wayne. There were a number of famous artists, musicians, writers, actors and musicians from the Florida Keys.

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More About New Port Richey