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Buying a work of art like a vase, brooch or painting at a flea market is like buying a new pair of shoes, a nice new car and maybe a few other things. You've probably heard of an average middle-class homeowner buying an old painting they thought was a nice scrap, only to find it was worth tens of thousands of dollars on the art market.

If you have a collection of artworks, an art appraisal in New Port Richey, Florida, will help you determine their value and determine whether you need them to be valued if you want to insure them in the event of a fire, flood or theft. If you are an art investor, a professional valuation can give you a good idea of what a piece or collection is worth on the market.

Lauren and her crew have opened a studio just around the corner from the gallery, and if you have any kind of instruction, you can use the space. A jewelry artist has signed up for classes Wednesday night, and more courses are planned, including evening classes that could appeal to professionals looking for a creative outlet. Parking is easy, there is plenty of parking across the street, just a few blocks away, so you don't have to be an artist to park. There is even a parking lot next to the art gallery where you can park for free.

The emporium will stock up on bicycle and other "bicycle merchandise" worth less than $150. In the example above, you have probably had the chance to see if any of the strange and everyday items in your possession are worth anything. You could well have something old and dusty at home that could be worth a considerable amount of money. If you are really lucky, you may have been given something invaluable and discarded because the previous owner or the owners did not know what it was really worth.

Instead, for a small fee, have a professional art expert assess your piece to see if it is worth something. Here is a list of reasons to get an "art opinion" for your artwork in New Port Richey, Florida.

The exhibition is called People's Choice and visitors can fill in a ballot to vote for their favourite in several categories. I took this picture in the early 1990s, a few years after the opening of the exhibition, at the New Port Richey Art Museum.

The gallery had a large turnout for its opening event, though Hurricane Hermione did its best to water down everyone in the venue. Within a few weeks, this small, pretty gallery has attracted enough visitors to be one of the most popular art galleries in New Port Richey. Artists and lecturers rent out the space for a more reasonable fee to create art and teach others what they are doing. In addition, there are the sketches of the Old Time Radio Group and the musical events that form a pillar of this old art gallery in the city centre.

The relationship with PFAC began with a few conversations and quickly expanded: "It's really amazing what we've achieved with people who want to bring art to our small town. The bi-monthly art exhibitions that showcase works by local artists, as well as a monthly workshop for budding artists, are the goals Baughman has been pursuing for over a year.

A little over a year ago, he met Baughman at the annual meeting of the Port Richey Chamber of Commerce, which gave a glimpse of the future of the Arts Center and the city of Port Richey. The gallery will open in October, with a grand opening planned for October 29, but the response from locals has been enthusiastic, Carr said, noting that people have come by since the gallery opened to see the progress of the renovation. A developer has also pledged to build the cultural centre when it opens its downtown.

The Land O'Lakes watercolourist, who took classes with Baughman, shared some of the lessons he received from his mentor after opening his gallery. Dozens of art lovers and former students shared their experiences at the gallery and their thoughts on the future of Port Richey's art.

He was easy to learn, but there was a gentle criticism that made him a better painter, he said, and that's what I learned from it.

Wilson, who was also the first artist to exhibit at the East Pasco Gallery, said he did so much for his students and the center that he could not say how much he would miss it. He was a very capable person who ran this center and its programs and continued his first love of teaching, Langford said. She has worked hard to keep the arts centre running and to bring energy to everyone with a love of art, and she has managed to get the best out of our students to help them find their artistic voice.

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